Our clients look to us for help generating more leads, getting more customers and increasing sales. At AG2 Digital we rise to this challenge with focus and creativity. We listen intently to each client’s concerns as no two have the same needs. There are no too small or too big or too daring clients. They all come with wonderful ideas and it is our mission to execute them well. Our design inspiration comes from our backyard: New York City, and we think simple and clean design with a dash of sophistication gets the job done.


Robson Teles


Robson received his B.F.A. in Graphic Design from University of Kansas by way of Brazil. He has created award-winning graphic design campaigns for Hallmark Cards, Forbes Magazine, BusinessWeek and most recently for News America Marketing and the New York Post. He is passionate about modern architecture and furniture, plays the guitar and enjoys the Bossa Nova. He is not keen on New York winters.


Stephen Redford

Stephen holds a Master’s of Science degree in Marketing from NYU and has over twenty years of experience in sales & marketing of luxury hotel brands.  He has been responsible for the re-branding of several New York hotels including a complete redesign of all marketing materials and their websites. He is adept at creating strong marketing partnerships and public relations events. He reads a lot, feels very at home in restaurants and has a one-handed backhand just like his idol, Roger Federer.